“The experienced team of Together Travel, the solution partner within Zentice Global; Affordable domestic and international flight ticket sales of all World Airlines, hotel reservation, VIP transfer service, VIP welcome, congresses, fairs, events and organizations in Turkey and the World, special holiday packages for the most unexplored places in the world, travel insurance and comprehensive coverage for your travels. provides a research service.”

Transfer Services​

“We provide privileged and comfortable service by offering professional solutions for all your transportation needs with safe and economical transfers.”

Health Tourism

“When you need to travel for your health, Zentice Global Health Consultants consider every detail for you. We organize and manage trips that will bring you back to health by cooperating with Turkey’s most specialized physicians and high-tech health institutions.

By providing the treatment of your foreign guests in Turkey, we combine the priority given to health by our institution with our ethical values.”

Real Estate

“A real estate consultant is needed in real estate buying, selling, leasing transactions or when eliminating the lack of financing needed for real estate. Together with our Real Estate Consultants, you will be able to make the right decisions and meet the real estate need that suits you best. Our real estate consultants are knowledgeable about all necessary legislation and administrative procedures. It is very important to have a real estate consultant with you during the real estate transactions process. In this way, you can safely buy and sell real estate, offer or obtain financing.”

Foreign Company Establishment

“In the global age, companies tend to reevaluate their own capital structures on the axis of capital, information and technology.

There is no doubt that the adaptation to the increasing unlimited international competition in the world plays an important role in the decision to establish foreign businesses and partnerships. In this perspective, Turkey has developed a series of legal and political initiatives that encourage the internationalization and globalization efforts of companies that want to relocate to Turkey.

In all these contexts, our expert consultants offer you special services in line with your demands. In all these contexts, our expert consultants offer you special services in line with your demands.”